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Robert Abramovic

1h 11m

The Laws of Attraction: the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

Sofia Schembari


Monkey Business: All About Monkeys

Robert Abramovic

1h 32m

Predicting Motion: An Introduction to Classical Mechanics

Amber Moore

1h 1m

A Guide Through AP Physics, Unit 3: Circular Motion & Newton’s Law

Amber Moore


A Guide Through AP Physics, Unit 2: Dynamics of Systems

Charles Ferruzza


Joints in Lower Extremities and The Skeletal System

Sam Shah


Car Parts: How Cars Can Move You

Anna S.

1h 43m

Core Chemistry Concepts: More on Stoichiometry

Sofia Schembari

1h 2m

The Tree of Life

Robert Abramovic


Irrational Numbers: What is the Number Pi?

Robert Abramovic

1h 8m

Average Values for Constant Acceleration

Robert Abramovic

1h 8m

Average Acceleration and Velocity Formula

Robert Abramovic


Constant Acceleration Formula and Kinematic Equations

Robert Abramovic

1h 14m

Movement Made Clear! General Kinematic Equations

Robert Abramovic


Newton in Action: Examples of the Three Laws

Sanya Arora


Chemistry Kitchen Lesson 3: Sugar Everywhere!

Anna S.

1h 21m

Stoichiometry - Core Chemistry Concepts

Shin Lee


Science Secrets: A Day in the Life

Sofia Schembari


You Can Be a Field Scientist!

Amber Moore


A Guide Through AP Physics, Unit 1: Introduction to Kinematics

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