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Grade 6-12

Newton in Action: Examples of the Three Laws

by Robert Abramovic | Science FREE

4 Lessons 33:45
  1. 1. Newton’s First Law 7:24
  2. 2. Newton’s Second Law Example 1 7:42
  3. 3. Newton’s Second Law Example 2 12:13
  4. 4. Newton’s Third Law 6:26

Grade 6-12


NGSS Standards



About the course

Understanding how physical laws work in the real world is an invaluable skill for any scientist. The scientific method always involves testing hypotheses with real-world experiments. Developing methods to test hypotheses is therefore an integral part of the scientific process. In this course, you will see examples of Newton’s three laws in action and will recognize them in your everyday life. This will prepare you to develop and conduct future experiments as a scientist and student, enhancing your knowledge of the universe, solar system, and planet, as well as our place in them.


  • Laws
  • Math
  • Motion
  • Newton
  • Physics
  • Science
  • STEM


Hi, I'm Robert. I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics as well as a BA in Physics. I have been a private tutor for over 13 years. I enjoying sharing my knowledge of mathematics and physics with students, creating relatable examples, and making learning fun. My philosophy is not only teaching students but inspiring them to learn more about the material on their own.

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