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All ages

Science Secrets: A Day in the Life

by Shin Lee | Science FREE

3 Lessons 31:28
  1. 1. Science Underneath Your Waterslide 11:14
  2. 2. Why Do I Keep Dozing Off 9:00
  3. 3. Science in Your Bathroom 11:14

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

Science is the study of how the universe works. It is in all aspects of our lives – how we sleep, breathe, eat, play, cook, and so on. Knowing the basic principles of science allows us to improve our lives at every level. In this course, we will explore various science concepts in a day in the life. Throughout the five sessions, you will learn about some basic concepts in physics, chemistry, and the human body system. With real-life examples reflecting scientific principles, students will be able to become friends with science outside of the classroom.


  • Biology
  • Dozing
  • Focus
  • Life
  • Reality
  • Science
  • Sleep
  • STEM


Hi! I’m Shin and I am currently studying dentistry at Columbia. I have been a private tutor and an instructor for over 10 years in the U.S. and Korea. I am from Seoul, studied biomedical engineering at Columbia University, and worked in IT consulting for about a year before I decided to pursue dentistry as my career. I love helping students become actively engaged in learning, which promotes academic development and expands their personal interests at the same time. My teaching approach is to keep it simple and relatable, in order to let students understand better.

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