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Sorting Stuff: An Introduction to Biological Taxonomy

by Sofia Schembari | Science FREE

8 Lessons 43:29
  1. 1. Introduction 1:22
  2. 2. What Is Taxonomy? 4:41
  3. 3. The Tree of Life 5:40
  4. 4. Real World Example: Looking at Humans 13:19
  5. 5. What Is a Cladogram? 6:48
  6. 6. Adding New Knowledge 2:17
  7. 7. A Cladogram of Pants 7:02
  8. 8. Science is Ongoing! 2:20



NGSS Standards



About the course

In this class, we will learn about taxonomy- the scientific classification of living things. Using familiar objects and fun activities, we will learn about how scientists sort all life on earth, and how this classification relates to evolution. We will cover specific examples in the primate order, and talk about the implications of taxonomy in modern research.


  • Animals
  • Biology
  • Evolution
  • Science
  • STEM
  • Taxonomy


Hello! My name is Sofia and I am a recent graduate of Columbia University, where I studied evolutionary biology. After graduation, I spent almost a year in Costa Rica doing behavioral field work with white faced capuchin monkeys. I am currently completing my Master’s in Teaching at New York University while working as a middle school science teacher. Previously, I have also done field work in Kenya and worked at the American Museum of Natural History.

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