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Grade 9-12
1h 1m

A Guide Through AP Physics, Unit 3: Circular Motion & Newton’s Law

by Amber Moore | Test Prep

3 Lessons 1:01:10
  1. 1. Introduction 1:45
  2. 2. Unit 3, Class 1 29:49
  3. 3. Unit 3, Class 2 29:36

Grade 9-12

1h 1m

NGSS Standards

About the course

In this unit, students will learn everything about motion along a curved path. They will revisit equations from previous units and discover their angular versions while applying them to new problems involving objects traveling along a curved path.

This AP Physics 1 course is an algebra-based introduction to college-level physics courses. Each unit will take you through one topic covered by the AP Physics exam material; complete with tips and tricks to problem-solving.


  • Advanced Placement
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Science
  • STEM


Hey everyone, my name is Amber!

I am currently serving as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Kentucky while pursuing my Ph.D in Astrophysics. I have completed my M.S in Physics at the University of Kentucky and B.S. in Mathematics at Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Outside of school I enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, and soccer. During my undergraduate career I played Division I NCAA Women's Soccer.

I am enthusiastic about tutoring and learning!

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