Skill Level

Grade K-8


2h 23m


Creating science out of thin air is much more fun than reading a book, but brings just as much academic rigor. Science is all around us, so it's important we experiment and learn about where we live. Throughout this live series, we will go over 4 different science projects that you can do with typical household items. These experiments allows kids with ages ranging from 3-13 to have fun while gaining a new insight into the science that has never before been explored.


  • Science Experiment


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Sadia M.

Hi! I’m Sadia and I am currently studying Bio-Mechanical Engineering at NYU and am a recent graduate of Stuyvesant High School. Born and raised in New York, I have had the honor of meeting hundreds of students from a variety of backgrounds of all different ages in schools. Outside of school, I've met some of the brightest students while tutoring over the past 4 years. I enjoy guiding students through problems allowing them to achieve their “lightbulb” moment at their own pace. If I can help a student grow their confidence in any subject, I feel my job is complete. Every student is built differently, so adjusting to their specific learning style is my favorite challenge of tutoring.

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