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Chemical Reactions: Physical and Chemical Changes

by Juhee S. | Science

Learning Standards: MS.PS1.2 MS.PS1.5 MS.PS1.6 MS.PS1.2; MS.PS1.5; MS.PS1.6;
4 Lessons 8:00
  1. 1. Weekly Learning Plan Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Physical or Chemical? 3:12
  3. 3. A Closer Look into Matter 2:46
  4. 4. Chemical Reactions 1:31



NGSS Standards

About the course

Brand new to chemistry? Interested in how the world functions at the smallest level? Leap into an introduction to chemistry, exploring physical and chemical changes we observe in our everyday lives, and what happens at the molecular level.

Embrace the science of chemical change! This week's topic is all about reactions and transformation.


Color Change in Pennies

Course overview


Weekly Learning Plan Trailer


Physical or Chemical?

Students will learn about what a chemical change is by identifying the evidence of a chemical change and what chemical, physical properties are.


A Closer Look into Matter

Students will learn what’s happening at a microscopic level during a chemical change, learning about atoms and molecules.


Chemical Reactions

Students will try their own chemical reaction and observe color change as the evidence with a penny.

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Recommended Materials

  • Pennies
  • White Vinegar
  • Bowl
  • Paper Towel


Joyce is currently studying chemistry with a minor in math at New York University! She has tutored students in SAT, chemistry, math, and worked as a teacher at a Korean language school. If you are falling behind in school, she will work with your given materials at your pace. If you want to learn something completely new, she will provide materials and assign regular homework for practice. Let’s work together to achieve your learning goals!

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