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Sustainable Cooking: Porotos Granados (A Summer Chilean Dish)

by Anna S. | Cooking FREE

7 Lessons 46:23
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Introduction & A Trip to the Farmer's Market 5:29
  3. 3. Food Preparation 25:44
  4. 4. Cooking the Porotos 3:59
  5. 5. History of the Dish 6:45
  6. 6. Plant a Seed! 3:01
  7. 7. Food Reveal 0:54

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, and today we’ll also make it sustainable! We are going to be making the traditional Chilean dish: Porotos Granados. I will be sourcing all my food from a local farmer’s market, and if you can, you should too! By buying locally sourced food, you are not contributing to the carbon dioxide that is emitted into the air when food is shipped across seas and countries. This dish is delicious, and I hope you can follow along to share it with your friends and family. The proportions we are making today will make around 8 servings of porotos.
- 1 lb shelled cranberry beans
- 1 butternut squash
- 1 large yellow onion
- 6 ears of corn
- a bunch of basil
- A quart of stock (vegetable or chicken)
- 1 hot pepper (optional)
- Salt, pepper, and any spice of your choosing


  • Carbon Footprint
  • Chile
  • Cooking
  • Dinner
  • Sustainability


I attended the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, NY where I was able to explore my multiple different passions through engaging classes and fun clubs. I am currently on a gap year but am excited to attend Northwestern University next fall with an intended major in Environmental Chemistry.

Throughout my time in high school, I tutored many students in chemistry. As early as 10th grade, my chemistry teacher recommended me to the school’s peer tutoring program because she saw how deeply I was grasping and understanding the information being taught. I have worked with students on homework, test prep, and lab report editing.

In addition to tutoring high school chemistry, I have worked with kindergarteners and first graders on reading skills and comprehension, so I feel confident working

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