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Grade 6-12
4h 28m

[Webinar] Economics: A Theory for Everything

by Caton Y. | Business FREE

5 Lessons 4:28:59
  1. 1. Economics: A Theory for Everything, Class 1 59:04
  2. 2. Economics: A Theory for Everything, Class 2 52:12
  3. 3. Economics: A Theory for Everything, Class 3 54:53
  4. 4. Economics: A Theory for Everything, Class 4 52:50
  5. 5. Economics: A Theory for Everything, Class 5 50:00

Grade 6-12

4h 28m

NGSS Standards



About the course

You’ve probably heard the word “economics” or “economy” before, especially given the state of the world today, but what is economics really about? This introductory economics course will give a background to what economics studies, showcasing some of the hottest topics and problems that economics deals with, like healthcare, education, and human behavior.


  • Economics
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Human Behavior


Hi! I'm Caton, I’ve been a tutor for students from around the world since high school. I am from Charlottesville, Virginia, but I moved around a lot growing up, spending half my life overseas in Hong Kong. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University in 2020, and I'm currently taking a gap year to serve my church before starting fulltime work as a management consultant. My favorite part of tutoring is helping students to build confidence and think outside of the box while exploring their personal passions.

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