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Grade 9-12

How to Get the Money Continued: CSS Profile 101 Part 2

by Sam K. | Academic Consulting/Coaching

7 Lessons 46:08
  1. 1. Trailer 0:53
  2. 2. Introduction 2:09
  3. 3. What is the Non Custodial Profile 2:09
  4. 4. What Do I Need to Complete the Non Custodial CSS Profile 4:52
  5. 5. What Does the Non Custodial CSS Profile Look Like? 13:36
  6. 6. What Other Scenarios Require Additional Steps 13:26
  7. 7. What Mistakes Should I be Looking Out For 9:03

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards

About the course

So you've already done the FAFSA, and your own normal CSS Profile, but there's more?? This set of videos is a second part of a series on the CSS Profile for certain scenarios and students. Specifically, we'll cover the noncustodial CSS Profile (if your college requires it) for students with separated or divorced biological parents. We'll also cover how international parents, document uploads and waivers, and independent students affect the CSS Profile and noncustodial profile. We'll go through a demonstration of the noncustodial profile and how to match it with your own CSS Profile. The videos also highlight mistakes to avoid, tips and resources to help you navigate this financial aid application if your college requires it!


  • College
  • CSS
  • Financial Aid
  • Private School
  • University


I have worked for the past three years as a college adviser helping high school students with the college admissions process. During this time, I helped students with their college essays, SAT/ACT prep, and their college applications. I have also helped tutor peers in college and high school as well as led a middle school mentoring program. I joined Gooroo to make a number of subjects in high school more accessible and easier to understand for all students. I am excited to help students with the college application process as well as math and science subjects so they can achieve their goals and grow individually.

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