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Grade 6-8

Weather and Climate: Predicting the Weather

by Ariella F. | Science

Learning Standards: MS.ESS2.6 MS.ESS2.6;
2 Lessons 5:17
  1. 1. Introduction 2:31
  2. 2. Building the barometer 2:46

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

Learn how weather apps and news anchors use signs and patterns to the predict the weather. Become a weatherman yourself and create a device to predict the weather on your own!

Predict the weather like a professional by learning all about the science of the atmosphere.


Build a Barometer

Course overview



Students will learn about the purpose of barometers. And how air pressure and weather are connected.


Building the barometer

Students will understand the purpose of a barometer.

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  • Atmosphere
  • Climate
  • Density
  • Meteorologist
  • Science
  • Weather
  • Weather Front

Recommended Materials

  • Long-neck bottle
  • Jar/cup
  • Water
  • Marker


Ariella is finishing up her senior year at Barnard where she will graduate with a BA in Economics. She has been tutoring for 6 years and works with students ranging in age from 6-20. While Ariella specializes in Economics, she has a strong sense of numbers and also tutors students in math. She has been tutoring with Gooroo since November 2019 and has taught Gooroo Live and Gooroo Courses in STEM topics as a result of her comprehensive liberal arts education.

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