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Grade 6-8

Natural Selection and Adaptations: Climate Proofing Endangered Species

by Payton M. | Science

Learning Standards: MS.LS4.6 MS.LS4.6;
4 Lessons 10:36
  1. 1. Background on climate change 2:07
  2. 2. Setup and Hypothesis 2:59
  3. 3. Drawing Adaptations 4:45
  4. 4. Conclusions 0:45

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Eccentric scientist Dr. Heinz Ketchup will lead you to imagine how a common North American species might evolve to face the perils of climate change. Represent these potential evolutions with a detailed anatomical model to visualize these changes.

Examine the process of natural selection and how evolution plays a role in marginalizing endangered animals."


A More Perfect Species

Course overview


Background on climate change

Students will understand that the human caused phenomenon of accelerated climate change will cause major disruptions to the lives of animal species.


Setup and Hypothesis

Consider three mammals facing extinction and ways they can ensure their survival through adaptation.


Drawing Adaptations

Draw adaptations that the mammals can have to ensure they will survive.



Compare their findings and drawings which show the different adaptions that might possibly ensure the survival of the species.

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  • Adaptation
  • Climate
  • Endangered Species
  • Evolution
  • Natural Selection

Recommended Materials

Paper and art supplies (markers, colored pencils, pens, whatever suits you).


Payton is a composer and orchestrator who recently graduated with High Honors in music from Wesleyan University. His passion for environmental advocacy, education, and activism is spurred by a love of nature and burning hate for climate change denialism.

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