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Grade 6-8

Telling a Story Through Music: Motivic Variations

by Frank V. | Music

5 Lessons 7:45
  1. 1. Music Analysis 2:31
  2. 2. Pitch Variation 1:51
  3. 3. Rhythmic Variation 1:46
  4. 4. Cut and Paste 1:11
  5. 5. Perform our piece 0:26

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Don't discard your musical ideas — evolve them! Follow along with Frank as you develop your favourite improvisations into bigger compositions. Grab your glue and let's get rearranging by cutting and pasting old melodies into new ones.

Tell a story through music with a melodic motif, spontaneous musical improvisation, and an intentional editing process."


Spontaneous Composition

Course overview


Music Analysis

Students will look at all the variations of Beethoven’s 5th piano reduction


Pitch Variation

Students will come up with 4 different pitch variations of the their motif


Rhythmic Variation

Students will come up with 4 different rhythmics variations of the their motif


Cut and Paste

Students will cut up each motivic idea and rearrange them in any order


Perform our piece

Students will glue their final product together.

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  • Chord Structure
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Music
  • Music Theory

Recommended Materials

Paper, pencil, instrument, provided Sheet Music.


Frank is a professional jazz musician with training from NYU and WWU. Nominated as the Emerging Artist of the Year 2017 by Earshot Jazz Magazine, his music is fluid and unapologetic. Frank aims to inspire a deep love of the art in his students.

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