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Grade 9-12

Folk Music and Your Community: Becoming a Musician

by Brooke T. | Music

3 Lessons 9:18
  1. 1. Find Your Niche 4:08
  2. 2. Find Your Community 2:02
  3. 3. Know Your History 3:08

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Being a musician is more than mastering your instruments and improving your technique. You must engage with the community! Discover how to find your niche, bond with other music-lovers, and know the history behind your favourite songs.

Develop an appreciation for the story-telling aspects of folk music, music created from the community, and music all around you!"


Becoming a Musician

Course overview


Find Your Niche

Search for the music that makes you swoon.


Find Your Community

Learn about the community surround that particular type of music.


Know Your History

Learn about the history of that genre of music.

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  • community
  • history
  • music
  • musician
  • musicianship

Recommended Materials

Paper & pencil, Youtube.


Brooke Trumm is a composer, percussionist, and teaching artist in New York, NY. She has her Bachelor’s in Music Composition from the University of Idaho, and her Master's in Musical Theatre Writing from New York University. Recently, she wrote songs for Rattlestick Playwright Theatre's "Village Song," and Lincoln Center's "Broadway's Future Songbook" series. Brooke has been an active percussionist for 16 years, recently performing at Bowery Electric, Arlene’s Grocery, and Feinstein’s/54 Below. Brooke has a fondness for teaching music theory, she has taught at The School for Strings in Manhattan for the last year and a half, and many years prior in Oregon and Idaho. She is excited to bring that passion for music theory and general music to learners through the Music Club.

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