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Grade 8-12
1h 2m

Story 101: Getting Started with Your Story

by Michelle Chow | English and Writing FREE

4 Lessons 1:02:12
  1. 1. Introduction to Story 101: Let's Talk Story 3:38
  2. 2. The Shape of a Story: Learning the Patterns of Story Movement 15:58
  3. 3. Premise: What We Can Do With "What if ...?" 20:00
  4. 4. Design: Shape + Premise = ? 22:36

Grade 8-12

1h 2m

NGSS Standards



About the course

Learn how to write your own short stories in this workshop! We'll discuss ways to think about storytelling, particularly, short story telling, we'll try exercises to work on character development and scene building, and we'll work on techniques for making your story entertaining, enjoyable, and effective. Through the four courses, we'll cover several storytelling basics that will help you get started on writing your stories, and give you methods to keep going as you develop them.


  • Creativity
  • English
  • Imagination
  • Storytelling
  • Writing


Hello! My name is Michelle. I graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University, where I majored in English with departmental honors, and concentrated (a.k.a. minored) in Creative Writing and Film Studies. I'm currently pursuing a Master's in literature at the University of Chicago. I spent several semesters as an editorial intern, reviewing manuscripts and writing reports about them. On campus, I worked on literary magazines, and even started one of my own. All of these experiences have given me a comprehensive understanding of different kinds of writing, whether that writing is an essay you hand into a professor or a novel you want to get published or anything in between.
I'm interested in teaching students how to write better--more importantly, how to think about their writing in a way that will help them communicate more effectively. Writing can open up opportunities for anyone, regardless of their field of study. I've won awards, received fellowships, and found jobs and internships through my writing. Most importantly, I've developed precise, persuasive ways to express myself. I hope to help students do the same.

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