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Grade 4-12
1h 7m

Piecing Together the English Language: Introduction to the Parts of Speech beginning with Prepositions

by Alyssa Humphreys | English and Writing

9 Lessons 1:07:12
  1. 1. Introduction to Grammar Series 5:31
  2. 2. Parts of Speech Overview 7:53
  3. 3. What Does a Preposition Do? 4:48
  4. 4. What Are the Prepositions? 8:06
  5. 5. What Is a Prepositional Phrase? 9:42
  6. 6. Prepositional Phrases with Compound Object 8:31
  7. 7. Why Find Prepositional Phrases First? 3:56
  8. 8. Prepositions Vs. Adverbs 10:07
  9. 9. Diagramming Prepositional Phrases 8:38

Grade 4-12

1h 7m

NGSS Standards

About the course

Trying to understand the English language can be a daunting task at first. However, by breaking down the individual components of this complex language, things can become incredibly easy to comprehend. Join me in this English language series as I break down the components of the English language, beginning with the parts of speech and specifically prepositions. In this first course, you will learn not only what a preposition is but also how to find prepositions in the sentence and even the reason why you should first find prepositions before searching for any other component of the sentence.


  • Communication
  • English
  • Grammar
  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Speech
  • Writing


Hey there! My name is Alyssa Humphreys, and I have over twelve years of tutoring and teaching experience. I live in Texas in the U.S.A. where I currently teach various middle school classes. I have graduated from Texas Independent Baptist Seminary and Schools with both a bachelor’s degree in religious education (majoring in secondary education, minoring in elementary education) and a master’s degree in religious education (specializing in curriculum development). I am now pursuing my doctorate in special education. My favorite part of teaching is being able to watch the light come on for the first time in a student’s mind, and I constantly work toward this goal using exciting and patient sessions.

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