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All ages
1h 7m

#Makeup Goals: A Beginner's Guide to Makeup!

by Jessica Hong | Life Skills FREE

9 Lessons 1:07:46
  1. 1. Introduction 0:47
  2. 2. Skin Prep 4:37
  3. 3. Foundation 6:43
  4. 4. Concealer 5:25
  5. 5. Eyebrows 14:26
  6. 6. Eyeshadow 12:56
  7. 7. Eyeliner and Mascara 11:29
  8. 8. Contour 7:46
  9. 9. Lips 3:37

All ages

1h 7m

NGSS Standards



About the course

Every scroll through Instagram and see influencers with incredible makeup? Don't know where to start? This video will show you the basics techniques and tips for applying makeup! In this video, you will know how to apply foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, liner, and much more!


  • Beauty
  • Face
  • Health
  • makeup
  • Self Care


Hi, I'm Jessica Hong! I am originally from New Jersey and am a graduate cellist at The Juilliard School. I have done my bachelors at Juilliard as well, and have experience teaching general music theory concepts to elementary school students. I love sharing my love of music through performing, teaching, and collaborating! I'm looking forward to teaching music to all ages, as well as sharing other hobbies of mine as well!

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