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Reusable Face Mask

by Shelly Xu | Arts FREE

1 Lesson 3:10
  1. 1. Reusable Face Mask 3:10

All ages


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About the course

This course is focused on health, safety, and fashion. Specifically, we will be working on, creating a reusable facemask. Shelly goes through each step and each material needed to create a beautiful reusable facemask! The purpose of this course is to give you the tools to create your own facemask while helping the environment by using a zero-waste design!


  • Art
  • Face
  • Health
  • Mask
  • Safety


Shelly Xu (ex-McKinsey, ex-Instagram, ex-Prada) is the founder of Shelly Xu Design (SXD), the first fashion-tech startup to make beautiful, accessible, 100% zero waste clothing. SXD has been invited to showcase at all major fashion shows around the world. SXD is also the first fashion business to be selected finalist at the Harvard President's Innovation Challenge.

Shelly is a summa cum laude graduate of Columbia University and is currently at Harvard Business School. She is a self-taught fashion designer who wants to spread zero-waste designs through fun content, so more creative makers can be a part of making beautiful clothing that helps our planet.

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