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Grade 9-12
1h 7m

Introduction to Unlocking Creative Potential

by Ikenna Ugwu | Arts FREE

8 Lessons 1:07:58
  1. 1. Debrief 1:15
  2. 2. Get to Know Me 1:10
  3. 3. Perspective 1:49
  4. 4. Course Outline 4:51
  5. 5. The Creativity Cycle 12:33
  6. 6. Task:Exercises for the Creativity Cycle 29:41
  7. 7. Tackling Drought 10:16
  8. 8. Tackling Over Inspiration 6:23

Grade 9-12

1h 7m

NGSS Standards



About the course

The main aim of this course is to guide students through the effective ways to unlock their creative potential by being raw, honest and connecting with the world around them from the inside out. The course examines how a student can utilize their internal core beliefs as tools to foster external connections that reap rewards. There are six major tools here and they are as follows: Identity, Vulnerability, Compassion, Support, Perseverance and Acceptance. This course dives into ways students can unlock each of these tools within themselves and within the people around them to reach higher creative power.


  • Creative Cycle
  • Creativity
  • Potential
  • Self Awareness


Hey there, my name is Ikenna and I am so excited to be taking you on this course journey to unlocking your creative potential. I studied Business Communications at Duke and I gained perspective to recognize the creative prowess in each and every living being. That is the aim of this course. To help you recognize that prowess.

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