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Grade 6-8

Interpreting Music: Repetition

by Brooke T. | Music

5 Lessons 6:44
  1. 1. Repetition 1:25
  2. 2. In Song Form 1:42
  3. 3. In Melodies 1:48
  4. 4. In Genres 0:50
  5. 5. Why We Like It 0:59

Grade 6-8


About the course

Repetition is key! Learn about repetition: what it sounds like, how we use it, and why we like it. We will explore the definition of repetition, how we see it in song form and genre, hear it in melodies, and why our brains react favorably toward repetition.

Interpret music with a critical ear by learning the fundamental tenets of musicianship.


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Course overview



Students will learn about repetition and patterns in music


In Song Form

Students will learn how song forms use repetition to structure a song


In Melodies

Students will learn about repetition within melodies, and how that makes a melody work


In Genres

Students will learn that different genres use different patterns


Why We Like It

Students will learn that the more you listen to something, the more you will enjoy it

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Recommended Materials

  • Pencil
  • Paper


Brooke is a composer, percussionist, and teaching artist in New York City. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Music Composition and has been performing as a drummer/percussionist for over sixteen years. She loves to play rock music and write musical theatre.

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