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Grade 6-8
1h 6m

How to Use The Distributive Property

by Ariella F. | Math

5 Lessons 1:06:51
  1. 1. Introduction to the Distributive Property 12:04
  2. 2. The Reverse Distributive Property 6:50
  3. 3. Simplify Numeric Expressions 19:04
  4. 4. Simplify Numeric and Variable Expressions 17:39
  5. 5. Word Problems 11:14

Grade 6-8

1h 6m

About the course

In this course, we will go through how and when to use the distributive property. At the end of this lesson, you will understand how to simplify expressions with variables, fractions, decimals, and multiple operations.


  • Distributive
  • Distributive Property
  • Property
  • Simplify
  • Variables


Ariella is an economics major at Barnard College and a seasoned Math and English tutor. She takes pride in targeting specific problem areas, creating engaging educational content, and challenging students to apply their skills to the real world.

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