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Grade 6-8

Global Warming and the Biosphere: Reality Check

by Payton M. | Science

4 Lessons 18:45
  1. 1. Recap on Biotic/Abiotic Factors 2:30
  2. 2. The Four Pests Campaign 7:06
  3. 3. How does Ecological Imbalance Affect Us? 6:37
  4. 4. Let's Recap 2:32

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

Take a look at real world examples of the disastrous consequences that occur when humans interfere with ecological balance. From famines in China to Lyme Disease in the American Northeast, you'll be amazed at the reach of human action.

Dive into everything eco, from energy systems to conservation initiatives! Unlock the ability to save the earth.


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  • Climate Change
  • Eco
  • Energy Pyramid
  • Experiments at Home
  • Food Chain
  • Sustainability

Recommended Materials

  • Moss
  • Weeds
  • Fungi
  • Watering Can
  • Dead Leaves


Payton is a composer and orchestrator who recently graduated with High Honors in music from Wesleyan University. His passion for environmental advocacy, education, and activism is spurred by a love of nature and burning hate for climate change denialism.

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