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Grade 6-8

Genres of Music: Jazz & Rhythm

by Frank V. | Music

6 Lessons 22:28
  1. 1. Weekly Learning Plan Trailer 1:12
  2. 2. History of Jazz 1:18
  3. 3. Jazz Elements 2:10
  4. 4. Swing Rhythms 3:44
  5. 5. Syncopations 6:05
  6. 6. Invent Your Own 7:59

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

Get jazzed about Jazz with the lowdown on its history and fundamentals. Define the music genre's style of music, and discover syncopated rhythms by creating your own Call & Response arrangements with tension and resolution.

Frank is back with his Saxophone and ready to teach you all about Jazz!


Syncopation Exercises

Course overview


Weekly Learning Plan Trailer


History of Jazz

Students will learn a brief history of the music.


Jazz Elements

Students will learn a brief description of 3 elements that define the jazz sound.


Swing Rhythms

Students will play through the given material that outlines swing rhythms.



Students will play through the syncopations that are common in jazz music.


Invent Your Own

Students invent their own combinations for syncopations and swing rhythms.

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Assess your learning with a quiz.

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  • Call and Response
  • Jazz
  • Music
  • Rhythm
  • Syncopation

Recommended Materials

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Instrument
  • Provided Sheet Music


Frank is a professional jazz musician with training from NYU and WWU. Nominated as the Emerging Artist of the Year 2017 by Earshot Jazz Magazine, his music is fluid and unapologetic. Frank aims to inspire a deep love of the art in his students.

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