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Everyone's a Musician: Pitch

by Brooke T. | Music

5 Lessons 10:28
  1. 1. Rules of Pitch 0:55
  2. 2. Note Names 2:34
  3. 3. Flats and Sharps 2:37
  4. 4. Basic Harmony 2:22
  5. 5. The Staff and Clefs 2:00



About the course

Explore the differences between Western and Eastern harmony. Starting with the basics of the 5-line staff and clefs found in sheet music, you'll break down the 12 notes in Western harmony, the musical alphabet, sharps and flats, and the concept of tonal harmony.

Can you count like a metronome? Or pitch a note like a bird? With this week's topic, you'll discover that Everyone's a Musician.


Understanding Pitch

Course overview


Rules of Pitch

Students will learn the rules of pitch by learning about the differences between Western and Eastern harmony.


Note Names

Students will learn note values by understanding beats.


Flats and Sharps

Students will learn flats and sharps by listening to notes moving up and down and writing the symbols.


Basic Harmony

Students will learn about harmony by defining and discussing the topic of harmony.


The Staff and Clefs

Students will learn about the staff and clefs by connecting what we’ve learned with where notes are put on the staff.

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Recommended Materials

  • Paper
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Brooke is a composer, percussionist, and teaching artist in New York City. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Music Composition and has been performing as a drummer/percussionist for over sixteen years. She loves to play rock music and write musical theatre.

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