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Grade 9-12

Establishing Credibility as a Writer

by Josiah Leonard | English and Writing FREE

6 Lessons 1:00:22
  1. 1. Introduction: Why Credibility as a Writer is Important 2:40
  2. 2. Evaluating Source Credibility According To Its Timeliness 14:02
  3. 3. Evaluating Source Credibility According To Its Authority 16:02
  4. 4. Evaluating Source Credibility According To Its Audience 8:52
  5. 5. Evaluating Source Credibility According To Its Relevance 10:14
  6. 6. The Four Types of Plagiarism 8:32

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards



About the course

Whether you are currently in school, enjoy writing as a leisurely activity, or frequently write as an aspect of your work, it is crucial to be viewed as a credible writer. After investing so much effort in writing a paper, nothing could more discouraging than your credibility as a writer or the validity of your paper being called into question. This unfortunate scenario can be avoided by first ensuring that all the sources we use for our paper are credible - based on the timeliness, authority, audience, and relevance of the source - and that we properly formulate our paper and avoid plagiarism. Let's look more closely at these two aspects of establishing your credibility as a writer, by first looking at evaluating sources and then by turning our attention to the four types of plagiarism.


  • Citing
  • Credibility
  • Essay
  • Literacy
  • Plagiarism
  • Writing


Hi, I’m Josiah! I’ve been enjoying helping students in areas of writing, English, and communication for four years now. I am a native of Virginia, where I obtained my undergraduate degree in international relations with a focus in public policy and Modern Standard Arabic. I received my Advanced TESOL certification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) this past year, and I am currently working toward my Masters of Public Administration. As my full-time job, I have been working for the US House of Representatives for approximately one year now. As one has attempted to learn another language (Latin, Arabic, German, and Spanish), I have grown in my appreciation for patience in learning and in teaching. That has inspired my passion for helping others understand English and enjoy the thrill of learning!

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