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Energy: Energy Resources

by Max S. | Science

Learning Standards: MS.PS3.1 MS.PS3.2 MS.PS3.5 MS.PS3.1; MS.PS3.2; MS.PS3.5;
4 Lessons 14:37
  1. 1. Fossil Fuels 3:49
  2. 2. Nuclear Energy 3:19
  3. 3. Renewable Resources 4:34
  4. 4. Energizing Society 2:55



NGSS Standards

About the course

"Weigh the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy sources! Become an expert on the issues of pollution, rarity, replenishment, and the various environmental issues. Get educated on energy in your everyday life.

Understand how motion surrounds you through the principles of kinetic energy and many forms of energy in everyday life."


Power Your Community

Course overview


Fossil Fuels

Students will learn about various fossil fuels and their chemical energy, as well as their pros and cons.


Nuclear Energy

Students will learn basic mechanisms of nuclear energy, as well as their pros and cons


Renewable Resources

Students will learn about various renewable sources and their energy forms, as well as their pros and cons


Energizing Society

Students will apply the above information to figure out energy plans for their own communities

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  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Non Renewable Energy
  • Pollution
  • Renewable Energy

Recommended Materials

  • Lightbulb
  • Blender (observe the motor)


Max is a physics enthusiast and rising senior at Rutgers University. Academically, he is most intrigued by the intuitive and approachable nature of forces and mechanics. Outside of physics, Max likes to stay active and follow sports.

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