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Grade 9-12

Claims and Opinions: Presenting Evidence

by Jordan V. | English and Writing

6 Lessons 17:44
  1. 1. Introduction to claims -evidence-reasoning. 0:57
  2. 2. Creating a claim 4:32
  3. 3. Citing and organizing evidence 3:23
  4. 4. Citing and organizing evidence 2:31
  5. 5. Connecting evidence to reasoning 3:54
  6. 6. Practice with C-E-R 2:27

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Strengthen your opinion by presenting evidence and connecting it to a claim. Discover the importance of present tense, vocabulary, and precise vs. imprecise claims. Use organizational strategies to express your argument.

Play conversation bingo by asking and sharing personal opinions, and supporting these claims with evidence."


Conversation Bingo Board

Course overview


Introduction to claims -evidence-reasoning.

define claims, evidence, reasoning explain how claims-evidence-reasoning connects to each other


Creating a claim

compare to language of opinions strong statement (SVO), present tense precise vs. imprecise claims examples of claims +for many reasons


Citing and organizing evidence

organizational strategies (transition words:first, second, third additionally, moreover, in addition to, also


Citing and organizing evidence

words that introduce patterns of evidence: usually, typically, in general, generally, suggests, shows


Connecting evidence to reasoning

therefore as a result if...then review form/meaning use of these structures, practice with examples


Practice with C-E-R


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  • claims
  • ESL
  • evidence
  • opinions
  • present tense
  • vocabulary

Recommended Materials

notebook and pen


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