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Grade 6-12

Basic Sight Reading: Sight Reading Specifics

by Liza W. | Music

5 Lessons 11:36
  1. 1. Linear, Scalar, Stepwise Motion 1:20
  2. 2. Skipwise Intervallic Motion 1:43
  3. 3. Bass Line Progressions 2:33
  4. 4. Inner textures 4:24
  5. 5. Chordal textures 1:36

Grade 6-12


About the course

The most advanced musicians can look at sheet music and know how the music sounds. As you learn new instruments and genres of music, continue developing your sight reading skills by learning basic patterns including motion, intervals, progressions, and textures.

Do you know how to read sheet music? Improve your skills with Basic Sight Reading.


Sight Reading Patterns

Course overview


Linear, Scalar, Stepwise Motion

Students will learn how to ID scalar passages by hearing scalar vs non-scalar passages.


Skipwise Intervallic Motion

Students will ID skipwise passages by hearing skipwise vs non- skipwise motion.


Bass Line Progressions

Students will learn about common bass line progressions by hearing them and playing them.


Inner textures

Students will learn about common Inner textures by hearing them.


Chordal textures

Students will learn about chords/ chordal textures.

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Recommended Materials

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Liza is a classical pianist, organist, and keyboardist who regularly performs internationally. She has been a long-time affiliate at many music organizations including Columbia University, New York University, Interlochen Arts Camp, and Westchester Conservatory of Music.

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