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Grade 3-12

What Is Jesus Good For?

by Fady Abdul Ahad | Religion FREE

6 Lessons 48:46
  1. 1. Trailer 0:59
  2. 2. Introduction 2:40
  3. 3. Why Do I Need Christ 7:48
  4. 4. The Price Christ Paid for Loving Us 9:21
  5. 5. What Did Jesus' Death Accomplish 9:58
  6. 6. Why Did Christ Save Us 18:00

Grade 3-12


NGSS Standards



About the course

Jesus was not a mere prophet or a revolutionary man. In this course we will discuss why we need Christ in our lives, the price he paid for loving us and all what he accomplished when he died on the cross. We will finally understand the reason why he saved us and what we can do about that. When you complete this course, you will understand and hopefully come to appreciate what he offered to humanity past, present and future.


  • Bible
  • Christianity
  • Faith
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Religion
  • Salvation


My name is Fady, a native Arabic speaker and teacher. I have been teaching Christian theology for 17 years and Arabic for 10 years. I currently teach both Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine in an institute in GA and I’d love to help you gain fluency in Arabic!

I spoke Arabic since birth and I published my Arabic poetry when I was still in my 11th grade. I love the Arabic language because of its beauty and elegance. I started teaching Arabic at the Westminster Institute and currently teaching at Academia Language School.

My philosophy is that students learn best when what they study is meaningful to them. Don’t worry, you can start wherever you are.

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