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Grade 9-12
4h 49m

[Webinar] The Nuts and Bolts of Journalism

by Alexandra V. | English and Writing

5 Lessons 4:49:18
  1. 1. Lesson 1: What Is Journalism? 57:46
  2. 2. Lesson2: Changes in the Media Landscape 57:42
  3. 3. Lesson 3: Nuts and Bolts 57:27
  4. 4. Lesson 4: Top Journalists 58:08
  5. 5. Lesson 5: Journalism in the Future 58:15

Grade 9-12

4h 49m

NGSS Standards

About the course

What is journalism? Far from a simple exercise in definition, this question requires a thorough analysis of how journalism has evolved over the years, and where it stands today. The 24-hour news cycle has sparked a heated debate about what journalism can and should be. From network news, to venerable institutions like the New York Times, to new media such as The Daily Beast and Buzzfeed, this course explores how the media landscape has radically shifted. We cover the evolution of media from partisan gossip and Yellow Journalism in the Gilded Age to finally reaching an ideal of objective, impartial coverage. This webinar opens the door to explaining where journalism is headed, and if its trajectory bodes well for the public good.



    In 2017, I graduated magna cum laude and phi beta kappa from Columbia University as a Hispanic Studies major. Since then, I've worked full-time as a journalist, while also tutoring talented students to ensure they reach their potential. I tutor Spanish, English, history, and writing skills, and would love to help students over the summer who are working on their college applications. Usually, I find that students are hardworking, curious, and ready to learn — they just need a little guidance. That's why I'm here.

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