Skill Level

Grade 6-8


2h 52m


Learning the basics of this math course will help students understand the foundation of some of the most applicable math used today; fractions, decimals, proportions - these are all methods we use daily through tax, baking, rates, etc. Through the next several courses, we will be covering concepts that will help every student, no matter what their future aspirations are. The emphasis of this course will be applying the problems to real world solutions, and ensuring enough practice problems are available so that the lesson truly sticks.



Photo of Beth Cline

Beth Cline

Chemical Engineer

Hello! I'm Beth and I recently graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I currently work as the materials and chemical engineer at a startup in the Boston area that works on remediating industrial mining waste. I have been tutoring for nearly 8 years, starting back in Columbus, OH where I helped at the Metropolitan library, and spanning into college at the Connections Lab at Northeastern University. My favorite part of tutoring is helping students reach their full potential and get them to those "AH HA" moments.