Skill Level

Grade 9-12




Learning how to make a photograph is a valued skill in virtually every field, be it marketing, journalism, business, or even, medicine. Photographs are inextricably bound in our personal and collective histories; ultimately, shaping our understanding of ourselves and the world. In this course, you will learn how to effectively portray your perspective of the world in a visual manner. Emphasizing the works of both both traditional and contemporary artists, students will learn the process and tools to create their own body of photographic work. Expected learning outcomes: Understand the work of other photographers (traditional and modern), be able to take a photograph (regardless of medium), learn how to effectively talk about photographs, and edit work for presentation using photo editing software.



Photo of Aseah Khan

Aseah Khan

Master's Candidate at NYU

Hi! My name is Aseah. I am currently a master’s candidate in Biology at NYU and also work as a researcher. I have been a tutor for almost 6 years and have worked with students specifically in the NYC area. During my undergraduate career at Fordham University, I studied Visual Arts and Psychology while on the Pre-health track, which has given me the ability to tutor in various fields. My favorite part about tutoring is helping students overcome challenges and achieve the goals they have set out for themselves.