Skill Level

All Ages


5h 36m


Discover Flamenco, an interesting and different way to understand music. Learn the basics and explore the main three elements: toque, cante and baile. We will go through the history of the Flamenco and how the new generations are innovating and bringing new sounds to the traditional music. Join us in this journey and you will listen and see many different and unique artists.



Photo of Amelia S.

Amelia S.

I've been teaching Spanish for foreigners for more than 8 years and I love it! What I like the most is to be able to help students to achieve their language goals and motivate them. I try to encourage students to speak from session number one and, of course, there is no wrong answer!

I first started teaching at Escuela Delengua in the beautiful city of Granada, in the south of Spain. At the same time, I finished my two Master's degrees (Teaching Spanish for foreigners and teaching French).

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