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1h 39m

[Webinar] Cracking the College Admissions Code During The Pandemic

by Alyssa S. | Academic Consulting/Coaching

4 Lessons 1:39:03
  1. 1. Session 1: College Admission Basics 28:36
  2. 2. Session 2: Application Basics and Making an Impression 23:47
  3. 3. Session 3: Personal Statement Basics 22:33
  4. 4. Session 4: Supplemental Basics 24:07


1h 39m

NGSS Standards

About the course

College Admissions are an extremely stressful time in a student’s life. From figuring out how to write your college essay, planning your letters of recommendation, and researching the colleges best suited for you, the college admissions checklist seems never-ending. But, at Gooroo live, we are here to help. In this Workshop, we cover all the above and more so that you can plan your approach, especially as the procedure changes with COVID-19, and look forward to receiving your acceptance packet. We know how much pressure you are under - so trust us and let us help you in our upcoming live series.



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