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War Card Game - Fun JavaScript Games Step-by-Step, Lesson 12

by Ahyoung Kim | Computer Programming

6 Lessons 46:03
  1. 1. Add Event Listener 1 8:39
  2. 2. Add Event Listener 2 7:30
  3. 3. Who Is the Winner 1 9:23
  4. 4. Who Is the Winner 2 15:28
  5. 5. Initiate Everything 4:38
  6. 6. Closing 0:25



About the course

Have you always wanted to build a computer game from scratch but not sure how to start? We will walk you through how to build a simple game called War card Game with Vanilla JavaScript. How do you play the War card game? In this course, you will learn how to make a simple JavaScript game by coding fun games. You can get step-by-step guidance and coding exercises to master core topics and techniques. So, let’s get started!


  • Coding
  • Game Development
  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Programming


Teachers College, Columbia University/ Master of Instructional Technology and Media

Private tutor for 3 years(Math, Science)
Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education in South Korea- Taught grades 2 to 6(Math, Science, English)

Hi! I am a passionate teacher with more than 6 years experience teaching math, computer science and Korean. My content will focus on understanding programming concepts and customizing individualized problem solving process for students to suit their unique needs. I'm currently studying at Teachers College, Columbia University pursuing my masters in Instructional Technology and Media.

My story as a tutor began in 2005, when I was a volunteer to teach math and science for students at a local learning center. I realized that I could help many more children by meeting one on one and utilizing ‘different approach’ for each student. After that, I met more than 50 students for 3 years before I worked as a public school teacher.

I have worked with hundreds of students and have developed the ability to personalize their learning experience. I strive to make problem solving enjoyable and teach programming concept in fun and creative ways. I love to work with GOOROO which gives me an opportunity to watch student grow through the work I do with students.

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