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Want to Work at Google, Facebook? Here Is How I did it

by Miri Choi | Careers FREE

3 Lessons 14:41
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. How I Got Into World's Best Tech Companies During COVID 19 9:06
  3. 3. What You Need to Consider Before Quitting Your Job 5:04





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About the course

As we live through the Covid-19 pandemic, job search can be very difficult. On the other hand, are you lacking satisfaction in your current job and see yourself in Google, Facebook and other huge companies? Explore these possibilities with MIT Alumni Miri Choi as she tells you how she quit her job and received offers from Google, Facebook and more! Finding the right time to quit your job, learning how to network and securing interviews, will be much easier after watching Miri's tips.


  • Career Growth
  • Interviews
  • Jobs
  • Networking
  • Technology


Miri is a former MIT admissions interviewer and has been working as a college consultant for 5 years. She studied computer science and engineering at MIT and now works as a technical program manager at Amazon. Along with her YouTube channel, ‘Miri’s View’’, she runs various college consulting services on a side. Her passion is to guide students to find their true self and dream, specifically on what they love to do and are good at, and to help them find the college where they would truly feel happy.

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