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Start Working Out Everyday with a 10 minute exercise

by Leah Platt | Fitness and Wellness FREE

5 Lessons 41:30
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Get Moving 5:44
  3. 3. Lower Body Blast 11:57
  4. 4. Upper Body Blast 11:06
  5. 5. Core Work Blast 12:12

All ages


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About the course

Start working out everyday with a 10 minute full body workout at home. Try one of these ten-minute workouts focusing on your lower body, upper body, or core! Feel free to mix and match the workouts, customizing your class to fit your schedule. You'll be guaranteed to break a sweat and push yourself outside your comfort zone.


  • Exercise
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Ten Minute
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Northwestern University-- Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Psychology, Certificate in Music Theatre, Module in Screen Acting, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society Tutor, Kaplan SAT/ACT Tutor, Musical Theatre Instructor with Broadway Connection, Group Fitness Instructor with Equinox Fitness Clubs, The Barre Code, and Cyclebar

If you’re excited to move your body, challenge your perceived limits, and explore your artistic side, my courses are for you! My classes will focus on the technique, history, and exciting processes of theatre, fitness, and baking. From the basics of physical fitness to the specific tips and tricks of Broadway stars, these courses will provide valuable resources and a fulfilling journey for students at any level.

Tutoring began for me as a volunteer in high school, where I would help fellow students in Math, Spanish, and History on lunch breaks and after school with The National Honor Society. In college, I performed and taught theatre, fitness, and music to students in the suburbs surrounding Northwestern University, providing the community with access to high level arts education and fitness resources. After graduating, I worked professionally as an SAT/ACT Tutor, actress, and Group Fitness Instructor in New York City. I recently led musical theatre master classes across the country with Broadway Connection while performing on a National Tour, inspiring kids to feed their love of theatre and hone their skills as performers.

Students in my courses can expect to take their artistic and physical skills to the next level through an exciting series of classes . We’ll dive deep into the practical mastery of fitness, entertainment, and baking professionals while celebrating your specific growth and interests. My high energy courses will leave you feeling accomplished, proud, and ready to learn more!

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