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Grade 6-8

Relationships in Our Environment: Competition

by Payton M. | Science

5 Lessons 24:44
  1. 1. Intro 4:18
  2. 2. Ecology 5:25
  3. 3. Intraspecific Competition 3:38
  4. 4. Interspecific Competition 3:48
  5. 5. Myspecies project, part 1 7:35

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

What happens when organisms are forced to compete for the same vital resources? Just like competition between humans, nature interacts through interspecific and intraspecific competition. Create faux-social network profiles to examine and classify natural competitive interactions.

It's a competitive place out there! Follow Payton in determining the relationships of predators and prey, and everything in between.


Myspecies Social Network

Course overview



Students will be introduced to competition with human examples.



Students will learn the definition of the word ecology and will come up with examples of limited resources


Intraspecific Competition

Students will learn examples of competition within a given species.


Interspecific Competition

Through examples of competition between different species, students will learn about character the possible consequences of the competitive


Myspecies project, part 1

We'll represent competitive relationships using the extended metaphor of a social network between animals on the African savanna

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  • Ecosystems
  • Environment
  • Interspecific Competition
  • Intraspecific Competition
  • Resources

Recommended Materials

  • Blue construction paper
  • White printer paper
  • Small photograph of a cheetah (printed)
  • Small photograph of a lion (printed or drawn)
  • 2x Landscape photograph of the African savanna (printed or drawn)
  • Glue stick
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors


Payton is a composer and orchestrator who recently graduated with High Honors in music from Wesleyan University. His passion for environmental advocacy, education, and activism is spurred by a love of nature and burning hate for climate change denialism.

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