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1h 7m

New Angles For Your Guitar Improvising

by Vinicius Silva | Music FREE

4 Lessons 1:07:00
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. New Angles For Your Guitar Improvising, Part 1 15:14
  3. 3. New Angles For Your Guitar Improvising, Part 2 23:38
  4. 4. New Angles For Your Guitar Improvising, Part 3 27:37


1h 7m

NGSS Standards



About the course

Learn how to find your own voice on the guitar! Whether you are at a Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced level, the tools I'm about to give you are easy to master and will expand your thoughts on feeling, expression and therefore, improvising on the guitar. As your voice is an ever-changing aspect, you will use this for as long as you're developing as a human being. Hop in!


  • Art
  • Blues
  • Guitar
  • History
  • Music


Graduated from Berklee College of music in 2014, Vinny has performed with many renowned artists in the USA and abroad. Originally from Brazil, and a professional musician since 2000 and teaching for over 10 years, he also works as a guitarist, songwriter, producer and recording artist with his own solo project Vicious Clay, where he plays all instruments and sings. Now playing with many bands in the entertainment industry such as his co-founded NY Jukebox, Vinny is excited to share his thoughts on guitar and music education with you!

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