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All ages

Music Theory Explained: Key Signature

by Kim Jinhyoung | Music FREE

5 Lessons 56:54
  1. 1. Intro 1:11
  2. 2. Sharps(# Not Hashtags!) 24:30
  3. 3. Quiz #1 7:35
  4. 4. Flats (b Not Small Letter B ) 14:45
  5. 5. Quiz #2 (Time to See If We Got It!) 8:53

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

Okay, read this -> '#'. Did you read it as "hashtag"... or... "sharp"? In music, we read it as "sharp". Now, try reading this one -> 'b'. It IS a small letter "B", but in music, we read it as "flat". Both sharp and flat are called the accidentals.

How many of them do you think there are in music? 5? 12? 84? How to write a song? Let's find out what they mean, how they are to be taken, and why they are there in the first place!


  • Art
  • Key Signatures
  • Music
  • Pop
  • Songs
  • Songwriting


MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU Tisch's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

As a Music Director, I've been teaching kids musical theatre in both private and public schools in New York.

What's up? My name is Kim and a storyteller, composer, and graphic designer! I am from Korea and I graduated with an MFA from NYU Tisch's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. I have co-written book, music, and lyrics for TWO NIGHTS AND THREE DAYS (2020 Eugene O’Neill winner).

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