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All ages

Korea Lover - How To Read Korean Hangul (Combinations)

by Kim Jinhyoung | Foreign Language FREE

6 Lessons 50:50
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Intro 2:56
  3. 3. A Quick Review 16:38
  4. 4. Double Consonants 10:02
  5. 5. Vowel Combinations 16:48
  6. 6. Parting Words 3:55

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

안녕! 너 혹시 한글 읽을 줄 알아? What just happened? Were you able to read that? That is Korean written in Korean alphabetic system called, Hangul. Have you ever wanted to learn how to read Korean, write in Korean, and maybe sing in Korean? Or asked yourself how to learn Korean in general? Learning the alphabet is the fastest way to start! Come join me and learn Korean. In this course series, we are learning Hangul!


  • BTS
  • Hangeul
  • Hangul
  • How to Read Korean
  • How to Speak Korean
  • Korea
  • Korean


MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU Tisch's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

As a Music Director, I've been teaching kids musical theatre in both private and public schools in New York.

What's up? My name is Kim and a storyteller, composer, and graphic designer! I am from Korea and I graduated with an MFA from NYU Tisch's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. I have co-written book, music, and lyrics for TWO NIGHTS AND THREE DAYS (2020 Eugene O’Neill winner).

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