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All ages

Introduction to Singing and Vocal Expression

by Soon Il Higashino | Music FREE

9 Lessons 46:02
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Introduction 3:29
  3. 3. Mechanics of Singing 8:50
  4. 4. Add the Voice! 15:34
  5. 5. The Singing Voice 3:20
  6. 6. Let's Sing! 2:54
  7. 7. Exercises to Study Vocal Expression and Course Summary 4:15
  8. 8. Let's Sing! 2:54
  9. 9. Exercises to Study Vocal Expression and Course Summary 4:15

All ages




NGSS Standards



About the course

Interested in singing, but not sure where to start? In Introduction to Singing and Vocal Expression, I explain the basic principles of how human beings produce sound to sing! We discuss the main ingredients needed to sing, and learn how we can practice singing and using our voice for musical expression. We also cover how we can learn from other singers by observing them to widen our musical vocabulary and develop our own unique voice. Let’s have fun singing together!


  • Art
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Vocals
  • Voice


Princeton University

I tutored students K-12 throughout high school in math and reading for 2 and a half years. I encouraged students to become self-learners and learn how to use tools they've been taught to solve any kind of problems they come across. I have taught small-group (1-3 college students) guitar lessons in college and have provided personalized advice and help to various individual guitar learners throughout high school and college.

Are you looking for new creative forms of self-expression through the arts and music? My courses focus on providing tools that can allow you to use music and art as your own creative outlets to express yourself with! I am currently focusing on teaching various music lessons, including guitar and singing, and hope to teach some lessons in drawing in the near future. I'm also passionate about the environment and studied civil and environmental engineering in college, and I hope to teach lessons about the environment in future courses as well.

I began tutoring students K-12 while in high school. I was very inspired to see the students learning how to become self-learners and beginning to use the tools they'd been taught to solve any kind of problems they came across. Over the past 12 years, I've taught myself how to play guitar and draw as ways of expressing myself creatively. I began giving personalized advice or support to my friends learning the guitar from high school and onwards. In college, I began offering small-group (1-3 people) guitar lessons to the student groups I performed guitar in. Teaching my peers the tools they needed to play guitar and watching them improve for themselves encouraged me to want to teach guitar to a wider audience. To me, music has been such an essential part of how I express myself and my emotions, and I want to help others in their journey of finding outlets for their own unique and wonderful creativity.

Through my courses, I strive to make learning a new creative activity, such as learning a musical instrument, more approachable by providing various exercises and multiple ways to practice the same technique to reinforce learning. I strive to teach with a positive and fun attitude to help engage Gooroo students in the challenging yet rewarding journey of learning!

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