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All ages

Introduction to Chess, Part 3: Opening Basics

by Ivan I. | Fun FREE

8 Lessons 45:13
  1. 1. Introduction 1:33
  2. 2. Starting a Game 12:13
  3. 3. Four Knights Defense 3:09
  4. 4. Queen's Gambit 6:55
  5. 5. Italian Game 4:32
  6. 6. Sicilian Defense 5:23
  7. 7. French Defense 5:50
  8. 8. Ruy Lopez 5:38

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

In the last course we talked about the basics of chess. In this video, we will cover some special moves with in chess such as castle and en passant. We will also be learning about what stalemate is and how to count pieces. This lesson will allow you to play a complete game of chess from start to finish!


  • Analysis
  • Chess
  • Game
  • Mind
  • Rules


I have tutored hundreds of students in various subjects, formats, and locations. I have taught students both online and in-person subjects ranging from chess, SAT, ACT, computer science, SHSAT, and personal finance. I have hosted large classes as well as one-on-one sessions. In high school, I have taught SHSAT at a tutoring school, chess at a non-profit organization and for an after school program. As a college student, I host online chess workshops as well as private lessons. I cater my lessons to the needs of the class and individual and strive to make the topic engaging, interactive, and fun!

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