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All ages

Introduction to After Effects, Part 2: Working With the Timeline

by Rui L. | Computer Software FREE

8 Lessons 54:30
  1. 1. Trailer 0:33
  2. 2. What Is an AE Expression 8:10
  3. 3. Expression Reference and Using the Slider Control 9:27
  4. 4. Time Expression 4:44
  5. 5. Loop Expression 8:35
  6. 6. Wiggle Expression 7:33
  7. 7. Index Expression 6:13
  8. 8. Two Ways to Create Blinking Effects 9:15

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

The Timeline panel is one of the main panels in After Effects used for creating animations. Each composition has its independent Timeline panel, where you can animate layer and effects properties, position layers in time, and change the layer blending modes. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to work with two-dimensional layers, the stacking order of the layers controls, and many layers switches to create the effect you want.


  • Adobe
  • After Effects
  • Blend Mode
  • Keyframe
  • Layer
  • Mask
  • Timeline


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