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All ages

Intro to Documentary, Part 1: The Family Profile, Lesson 1

by Rhea Sakinah | Arts FREE

5 Lessons 18:17
  1. 1. Introdcution 1:13
  2. 2. What Is Documentary? 7:07
  3. 3. Why Start with the Family Profile? 0:27
  4. 4. Watch the Film 'Trees' 6:37
  5. 5. Stretch Break 2:53

All ages


NGSS Standards



About the course

In this workshop course you will learn about documentary filmmaking through the process of creating your own family profile film. In Lesson 1 we'll think about what documentary is and hear from a guest filmmaker as we learn by watching the inspiring work of others. I'll be making my own film right alongside you, and I'll share my whole process as Lesson 2 takes us into idea development, planning, and preparation. The course concludes with Lesson 3, where we'll start creating our videos; you'll learn about everything from the interview process to editing and exporting.


  • Documentary
  • Family Profile
  • Film
  • Filmmaking
  • Interview


Yale University '24

Throughout my years of experience as a tutor and mentor I anchor in supporting each child's emotional wellbeing and creativity.

I’m a Film & Media studies student and I believe in the world-shaping power of storytelling and education. My intention with my courses is to approach learning through sharing my creative process. I will be your guide as you learn by engaging with fundamental information and following me through the making of my own projects.

My journey as a tutor and mentor began when my niece immigrated to America to live with my family. This is when I learned that every child needs specialized support based on where they are coming from. I continue to tutor because it brings me so much joy to encourage students to be explore their creativity and uniqueness.

Through taking my courses, you will learn about different ways to express yourself creatively by gaining not only tangible skills, but key insights about the creative project process. Tap into the storyteller in you and see where it takes you!

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