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Grade 6-8

Human Causes of Extinction: Climate Policy

by Payton M. | Science

5 Lessons 16:21
  1. 1. Intro 2:05
  2. 2. Carbon Tax 2:30
  3. 3. Cap and Trade 2:41
  4. 4. The Green New Deal 2:36
  5. 5. Climate Bill of Rights, part 4 6:29

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Wrap up the discussion of human involvement in extinction with an overview of governmental policies that can make a tangible impact on the climate. Leave feeling equipped with the vocabulary needed to demand good climate policy of your politicians.

Face the consequence of human recklessness on the environment and learn how to address the climate catastrophe head-on."


Climate Bill of Rights Part 4

Course overview



Students will start to understand that there are tangible steps that governments can take to mitigate climate change.


Carbon Tax

Students will learn the basis of carbon taxing systems.


Cap and Trade

Students will learn the basics of cap and trade policies.


The Green New Deal

Students will understand the basic policies of representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey’s proposed “Green New Deal” legislation


Climate Bill of Rights, part 4

Students will propose their last four amendments to the climate bill of rights.

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  • climate policy
  • extinction
  • government policy
  • human impact

Recommended Materials

Pre-stained paper, a good black pen.


Payton is a composer and orchestrator who recently graduated with High Honors in music from Wesleyan University. His passion for environmental advocacy, education, and activism is spurred by a love of nature and burning hate for climate change denialism.

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