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How Many Feet in a Mile? a Guide to Conversions

by Tori White | Math

4 Lessons 48:51
  1. 1. Guide to Conversions, Part 1 13:12
  2. 2. Guide to Conversions, Part 2 14:01
  3. 3. Guide to Conversions, Part 3 12:10
  4. 4. Guide to Conversions, Part 4 9:28

All ages


About the course

Are you always spending time looking up conversions such as how many feet in a mile? Or how many cups in a quart? This course is a guide to those conversions! It is important that we don’t just memorize these conversions but we also understand the size of these measurements! In this course, we will get a chance to picture what these measurements look like, so you get a sense of what it looks like to name how many feet are in a mile, how many inches are in a foot, and so much more!


  • Conversions
  • Covert
  • Cups to Quarts
  • How Many Feet in a Mile
  • Measurments


Bachelors Degree In Spanish Language: Rollins College, Masters Degree in Bilingual Education: City College of New York

I was an NYC public school teacher for 5 years. From 2015-2020. I taught 4th and 5th-grade dual language. I taught all subjects in both English and in Spanish. I now tutor students from kindergarten up until 8th grade in reading, writing, and math.

My Gooroo courses have allowed me to share strategies, tools, and fun ways of learning to help engage you in content, and excite you about learning and feeling confident in your learning! Most of my courses are about different academic subject areas such as reading, writing, math, language, and health. These courses are aimed to target your needs, if it is starting from the beginning, filling in a gap, or challenging you, the courses are meant to meet you where you are, and help you succeed!

My experience as a classroom teacher has allowed me to find my new passion, creating accessible content for all students. I loved working hard to create material that reached students no matter where they were. I ran into barriers in the classroom that made me feel that my passion for creating content and material was not being used to the fullest extent it could be. This sparked me to try something new, and Gooroo was just that! At Gooroo I am able to create the material I have used for years and target your needs as a learner. I am also passionate about showing learners that you can succeed and be successful using new strategies and new ways of thinking. My courses show you to always have an open mind and believe in yourself on your learning journey!

The goal that I keep in mind when creating my Gooroo courses is accessibility. I want to make sure you can access the content, I always try to incorporate a variety of levels, and strategies that support learners at those levels. I also will have courses in Spanish to provide more access to more learners. My other goal is for you to succeed in your studies! If you need extra support or just a new way to look at a subject or problem, my courses will give you that support.

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