Skill Level

All Ages


2h 58m


Every one of us is unique and I want to encourage all of you to find your style of expression in any form of art. To achieve that state, it starts from having strong basic skills and experiences of trying out different materials and methods. I want to help you learn basic drawing fundamentals and explore fun ways of drawings. Throughout the five courses, we want to tastes bits of different methods and styles for you to find out what interests you the most to dig deeper. Whether you are completely new to the drawing, come with joy to learn. "I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." - Pablo Picasso. Come awake your Picasso spirit!



Photo of Jessie Oh

Jessie Oh

Creative Designer and Artist

Hi, I’m Jessie! I graduated from Parsons School of Design in Fashion Design. I have worked as a Creative Designer for 8 years in different places, such as Paris, Seoul, and NYC. As a kid, my favorite canvas was my living room wall and my limitless imagination. Dreamers, let's make your dream come true in life! Please get ready to take active participation in my course. I first learned about art by spending time at an artist studio at the age of 4 by watching over her works. It all starts with one brush stroke. Let's have fun and learn!