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1h 35m

Google Sheets: An Intro to Spreadsheets

by Joe Vasquez | Computer Software

8 Lessons 1:35:32
  1. 1. Intro to Spreadsheets 1 8:50
  2. 2. Intro to Spreadsheets 2 7:37
  3. 3. Intro to Spreadsheets 3 6:13
  4. 4. Intro to Spreadsheets 4 9:52
  5. 5. Intro to Spreadsheets 5 15:06
  6. 6. Intro to Spreadsheets 6 5:30
  7. 7. Intro to Spreadsheets 7 21:28
  8. 8. Intro to Spreadsheets 8 20:56


1h 35m


This course will dive into the purpose and many components of spreadsheets using Google Sheets. We will learn about data input, core math functions, formatting the spreadsheet, absolute and relative references, VLookups and HLookups, text transformation, and filtering and sorting.


  • Excel
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office
  • Spreadsheets
  • Windows


Joe Vasquez is an advisor and investor in startups and innovation consultant with global brands. He was most recently a Director at Runway Innovation, a leading startup incubator and corporate innovation lab in San Francisco that was acquired in 2017 by a Global 2000 Chinese company.

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