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Grade 9-12

Exploring Lists in Python

by Ivan I. | Computer Programming

6 Lessons 50:46
  1. 1. Introduction to Lists 5:09
  2. 2. List Indexing 11:14
  3. 3. Adding to Removing 7:37
  4. 4. Determining Elements in List 4:48
  5. 5. Converting 9:01
  6. 6. List Sorting 12:57

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards

About the course

What if we want to store multiple items or even duplicate entries together in Python? To do so, we can use lists! Lists are a data type in python that can be used to contain different data items and even different data types like integers and strings. In this class, we will talk about lists, how we can use them, and why it is so helpful. We will go over list indexing, updating elements, adding and removing elements, and more!


  • Coding
  • Computer Science
  • Language
  • Lists
  • Python


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